Terms and Conditions of Booking

1. General

It is your responsibility to treat the facilities with respect.

2. Building Access

Upon booking you will receive a confirmation email with details of how to access the building. It is your responsibility to unlock the premises if required for your access, and to also lock them after use if you are the last person on the premises. Please check that there is no-one upstairs in the meeting room or in the changing rooms and switch off all the lights.

3. Security

The premises are monitored by cameras 24/7. Damages will be sought from anyone using the facilities without payment or who causes damage.

4. Reporting Issues

If you find anything broken or in need of attention, please send an email to our information email address, details of which are on the contact page.

5. In case of emergency

Contact details are listed on our contact page, as well as in the booking confirmation email that will be sent to you.

6. Cancellations and Refunds

You can cancel a booking on-line at any time. If cancelled less than 24 hours before your booking, then no credit note or refund can be given. Cancellations 24 hours or more before the booking are given a credit note, for use within the following four weeks. Refunds are given at the discretion of company management only.

7. Badminton Use

Please wear clean indoor sports shoes with non-marking soles. If you are not sure if your footwear will mark the floor and the soles are black then please do not use them. Do not move chairs on to the courts and please do not eat food on court. The seating area is provided for this purpose.